The independently published magazine, Plants are Magic, is a new obsession of mine. This magazine celebrates botanical creativity and the human relationship with plants. It is full of interviews, stories, recipes and craft tutorials, and beautiful imagery. It is published by Rebecca Desnos, a natural dyer and writer in the UK. I absolutely love what she is creating so far in these 5.5 x 8 inch volumes and must let you know about it! I treated myself to Volume 1 and 2 (Volume 3 was out of stock at the time I ordered).

Each article is carefully curated and contains so much inspiration and a wealth of information. Herbalists, gardeners, plant collectors, artists and designers, green witches, those interested in a holistic plant-based lifestyle, and anyone who loves the botanical world will find something within these pages.

Plants are Magic is filled with so much life and beauty and as these are independently published and ad-free, they are like little books that you’ll want to keep forever right alongside your guidebooks, remedies, and notebooks. They are filled with things to do, to make, and eat, and wear. And, of course, things to plant. I particularly love the article about gardening with the moon and learning the how and why of attuning your garden to the lunar cycles.

As someone who loves to eat a mostly plant-based diet, feels an innate kinship with the forest and all things that grow, and who blends botanical perfumes and skincare, I of course took a liking. But I am also writing a fictional world in which there are all kinds of unusual plants and plant magic wielded by a race of fae, so I tagged many things that inspired writing ideas in these volumes.

I’ve independently published two different magazines in the past and know how much work goes into it all, so I have to give a round of applause to Rebecca Desnos. These are wonderful. I hope to see many more volumes of Plants are Magic.


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