If you saw my 2018 planners post, you know how much I love a good planner / agenda notebook, making daily to-do lists, and setting goals to turn those dreams into plans! For 2019, I have my planners (yes, plural) lined up and ready to share with you. Along with a slew of pretty washi tape, I am feeling quite ready with this combination of tools to organize my projects for the new year. 

First up is the 2019 Luxe Page-A-Day Marble Planner by Paper Source. I used the exact same style throughout 2018 and love it. Though it is a heavier planner, because I work from home and it stays on my desk, that isn’t really an issue. I LOVE the gilded details of this planner. You can’t go wrong with gold edged pages and the beautiful marble / geode type look of the front. This hardcover planner feels nice in your hands and the pages are part to-do list and agenda, and part journaling space, if you want them to be. It also comes in a really nice sturdy box stamped with the year in gold foil which you can use for keepsakes from the year, or to return your planner to as a memento once it is done. It is so aesthetically pleasing that it is a joy to have on my desk even though 2019 hasn’t even begun yet! And if you’re going to have something on your desk that you use each day, it better be this gorgeous.

I’d highly recommend it if you like plenty of space for lists, reminders, notes, etc. each and every day. The twelve calendar spreads are all consecutively printed in the front of the book.


This planner just has good energy,  you know what I mean? Plus, this one is currently ON SALE! 

Mochi Things haul! Including the Better Together Grid Notebook

I discovered Mochi Things this fall and spent more hours than I care to admit scrolling through their virtual halls of stationery and organization accessories … I’m drawn to planners like cats are to catnip. I loaded my cart with nearly $200 worth of planners, notebooks, and pens … then quietly deleted all the ones I thought I could part with (you know how it goes). I paired it down to these affordable options and got them on sale.

I am so excited I found the 2019 The Starry Night Monthly Planner because not only is it so my aesthetic, but I was looking for a separate planner just to use as a writing goal tracker. This fits the bill perfectly for what I need. It opens with a yearly plan spread (in which I will jot down the overarching writing goals for each month), a “yearly checklist” which I’m going to use as a daily goal tracker by filling in how many minutes or hours I wrote each day (when I see every day of the entire year on one spread like this it really makes me want to get my butt in gear and not procrastinate), and then the monthly calendars. The last 4/5 of the book is grid paper that I’ve divided into 52 weeks. Here I will take any notes on how the writing went that week, what I worked on, ideas that might pop up, just random shit, etc.

I also got this cute daily planner (there is something so pleasing about the fact that it is so compact but also still gives you a page each day). I didn’t love the text on the upper front left cover of the 2019 Comfy & Roomy Daily Planner though, so I got creative. I used a bit of torn, tea-stained paper (affixed with strong double-sided tape), gold foil honeycomb washi tape, and a wax seal to make it my own. I’m quite smitten with how it came out. 

I should mention both of these are designed and made in Korea so there are Korean holidays marked in the pages (not American ones). 

*I also didn’t realize at the time I bought this from Mochi Things that Paper Source would be kindly sending me their Luxe Page-A-Day Marble Planner. Oops, well now I have options! They’re so different but I love them both.

I also still love having a non-dated weekly planning pad at hand just for when the mood strikes or I have an especially crazy week or need to map out a certain project. This one is the Ashley G for Blue 10 x 8 Planning Pad in Scatter Dot Peach. Various washi tapes, I sourced from overseas.

Perhaps this might give someone an idea or two about where to find great planners for 2019. Do you have a favorite planner brand? I’ve searched through so many dozens of them and many of them were almost right for me, but didn’t quite fit like these ones do. Happy planning! – Naomi

*Paper Source sent me the first planner for review but this post is not sponsored and all opinions are always my own.

4 Comments on Getting Organized: My 2019 Planners

  1. Kat
    January 8, 2019 at 8:27 pm (5 years ago)

    That comfy planner looks awesome! How are you getting along with it?

    • Naomi
      January 10, 2019 at 9:16 am (5 years ago)

      I love it! I think it is the perfect size.

      • Kat
        January 10, 2019 at 11:49 am (5 years ago)

        It really looks that way! How’s the paper?

        • Naomi
          January 11, 2019 at 10:31 am (5 years ago)

          Paper is fine so far. Though I’ve only tested it with a basic ballpoint pen.


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