Over the course of the summer I’ve been trying a few skincare products from Shea Terra that I absolutely love! This is a great company that you can read more about here, but I especially love that Shea Terra Organics sources the most potent organic and wild-harvested ingredients from across Africa. They have a large product line, but I’ve been loving their new Whipped Body Scrub, Whipped Body Cream, Boswellia Beauty Water, and 100% Pure Kenyan Green Tea Oil.

Shea Terra’s new line of whipped body creams are SO nice! They are rich, silky, and dense and deliver SO much moisture. They’re comprised of 30% USDA Certified Organic Shea butter (the world’s creamiest and softest shea butter from the wild svannah of East Africa). It is cold pressed, never boiled or refined so it retains a high vitamin E and pro-vitamin A content. It is also high in olein so it absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy. But it also provides a lot of protection to your skin. I love slathering this on when I get out of the shower (especially right after shaving my legs!). But I also use it on my hands and elbows all the time because it is just so awesome. I tried it in the Dakara Frankincense scent because it only uses organic essential oil for the scent. It is earthy, grounding, balancing, and not too strong. I love it! They also have like 14 other scents plus a fragrance free one, if that’s your thing.

The Shea Nilotik Coconut Sugar Whipped Body Scrubs are awesome if you like super fine granules in your body scrubs. This stuff is so luxurious and one of my favorite body scrubs I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried a lot, and even sometimes make my own). I tried it in the Pink Grapefruit scent (it is really very light and barely there but mixed with the sweetness of the sugar is so nice!). This formula is very rich and does a lot to moisturize as much as it does to exfoliate. It is made with sustainable coconut sugar (a more eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to cane sugar). It also includes very finely ground shea nuts, and shea butter. I 100% recommend. I think there are something like 18 different scents for this one!

Ahh, more frankincense. I just can’t get enough of this wonderful essential oil. Shea Terra’s Boswellia Beauty Water is a hyrdrosol produced from the distillation of frankincense tears, and so it has many of the resin’s benefits not found in the essential oil. This is a great face mist for keep your skin clear and balanced. I use it as a daily toner. It also hydrates and soothes, and is like a little wave of aromatherapy every time I use it.

The Kenyan Green Tea Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Oil is not your typical face oil, but it is quite amazing. First though, it has a very strong scent from the nutrient packed green tea seeds (pesticide free) it is made from. But I don’t mind the scent. The oil is of course, dark green and is mostly composed of oleic acid so it is very good for dry and mature skin. A little goes a long way but you can use a few drops on your face, lips, under eyes, and on cuticles. I used no other moisturizer on my face but this for an entire month and found it to be very healing. If you have super dry or sensitive skin, definitely give it a try.

I hope your summer has gone well and that you’ve made a little time to take care of yourself! I know for me personally, life has hit me with quite a few difficult curve-balls lately, so it is so important to make time for self-care! Even adding a little something special to your skincare ritual can be a nice way to alleviate a little stress each day 🙂 – Naomi

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