I’ve tried a few things from Good Medicine Beauty Lab over the years, and have always thought highly of their products, so recently tried a few more samples. I took a chance on the Indigo Restoring Body Cream, Honey Bee Blossoming Revelation Mask, and Ashes Reincarnation Cleansing Grains. I was not disappointed and just ordered two of them in larger sizes.

I fell in love with the Indigo body cream after only using it twice, and the Honey Bee mask only after one use! The Ashes cleansing grains I am still on the fence about and am glad to sample it but probably won’t order a larger size. The formula clumps up too much for my taste though I love the soft scent of juniper and lily of the valley.

I ordered a 9 oz jar of the Indigo cream and 2 oz jar of the Honey Bee mask and they also sent along a free sample of their Starry Eyes brightening eye cream with the order. So nice! I have to say each time I’ve ordered from them they always package the products well and in eco-friendly biodegradable packing peanuts (they’re made of cornstarch and you can dissolve them right in your sink!).

The blend of frankincense, amber, and myrrh essential oils in this body cream is one I truly love. At first sniff I thought it was going to be too intense for me or that I’d tire of the scent as it is quite different, but I find it both uplifting and soothing, and really look forward to putting it on after I shower. It encourages deep breathes and a tranquil mindset which is why I love using it before I go to sleep. The texture is silky and absorbs quickly, leaving absolutely no oily residue as some body creams can.

The Honey Bee mask is such a lovely find! It contains wild honey, apple pectin, and aloe vera in addition to a handful of other nutritious skin-loving ingredients like organic lime extract and organic apple cider vinegar. I immediately felt my skin calm and happy when I used this. So rarely do I ever form an immediate opinion of a face mask! Hydrating, soft, and relaxed is how my skin felt after just two minutes of this. And it is also super easy to wash off – I was afraid because of how sticky it is due to the honey that it would be difficult, but it isn’t at all.

So there is my mini review of these two new favorites on my beauty shelf! I also LOVE their Muscle Balm for aching muscles and joints. It’s like that stuff called Tiger Balm but completely natural with 18 inflammation & pain relieving essential oils. Would highly recommend especially for shoulder & neck tension which is what I’ve mostly used it for. I hope you found this post useful and I’d love to know what Good Medicine Beauty Lab products you’ve tried!

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