I finally got new glasses! After 8+ years of wearing the same old frames I finally got a new Rx (turns out I actually need two different prescriptions!) and decided to try out a few different online Rx glasses brands. Here are the frames I got and my thoughts / mini review on each. I also filmed a video all about these which you can watch here.

Because I need both an everyday/distance prescription and a computer prescription for all the time I spend looking at screens/closeup details all day, I knew I wanted to get a few different pairs. Not to mention with all the options out there these days, it is fun to have choices in eye wear! I got two pairs for each prescription. All of them have a much larger field of vision compared to the little rectangular ones I was so tired of. It is great to be able to see well again!

From Warby Parker I got the ones I love from my home try-on: The *Louise frames in Elderflower Crystal. These are cat-eye in shape with a slight rounded and delicate look to them. These are the ones I’ve worn most so far and absolutely love them. I would highly recommend Warby Parker. They are great quality and shipped fast. These ones were only $95 including the lenses. *affiliate link.

For my main computer Rx I got the Zenni Candy Eyeglasses 662817 in Purple. Because they don’t have a home try-on program like Warby Parker it was a bit more of a guessing game as to how they were going to fit, but I found that I typically need to look for the ones marked “wide” if they’re going to fit me comfortably. I think these ended up being a great choice because 1) I LOVE the color and 2) they are great quality for the price (I only paid $60.51 total for the frames, lenses with special 1.61 High-Index Beyond UV Blue Blocker very important if you’re on the computer all day), and shipping.


Firmoo wasn’t on my radar until recently when they reached out to me and wanted to know if I’d like to try a pair on them. Um yes please! They have a really great collection of fashion frames and so I couldn’t choose just one. I ended up getting to frames, and after getting a blogger discount of $29.94 towards my order I paid $55.75 for the remainder on both pairs (including the Blue-light blocking lenses(1.57) on one of them). So, pretty affordable I’d say.

I got the Firmoo #S185 in my regular everyday prescription and I am so in love with these! I think the rose pink frames with the little gold accents are so cute and fun. I really enjoy wearing these – though I do wish the ends that go behind my ears were a little larger. Because they are very thin on the sides it can sort of hurt behind your ears after a while. Overall they are very lightweight and I love having them as an alternate pair!

I got the Firmoo #LKFS9913 as my backup computer prescription. I really like the simplicity of these! I’ve always wanted clear glasses and I think the shape is really nice on these ones too. I also really liked how each paid of Firmoo glasses comes with a little repair kit. So handy!

Here is a link for you to Buy One Get One Free from Firmoo! http://bit.ly/bogofirmooglasses

I’d love to know what you think and if you have any online glasses retailers  you love. It is so much more affordable to get glasses online compared to the frames that you typically find in an optometrist’s office (where they’re likely to start at $250 each!). I was able to get four pairs for just over $200 this way.

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  1. Lissie
    October 28, 2020 at 7:37 pm (4 years ago)

    This was really helpful, thanks 🙂


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