I’m starting a new series and calling it Wishful Wednesdays! I might include decor, beauty, books, or even travel related things. Who knows! I’m kicking it off today with my dreams of creating a cozy reading nook. Whether you’re obsessed with reading or want to read more often, transforming an otherwise useless corner, alcove, or closet into a special reading space is fun and therapeutic. Having a little space all your own where you leave distractions behind can help melt the stress away as you turn the pages. Check out these incredibly cozy reading nooks to get inspired.

Harry would have loved this upgrade to a cupboard under the stairs. The space beneath stairs is typically not given much thought in most homes, but this reclaims lost space with a reading nook I’d love any day. [image via furnishburnish.com]

Constructing an elevated platform can create a room within a room, not to mention more storage space and a little realm for your armchair travels. Plus, I don’t know about you but this give me tree house vibes and that is always a good thing. [image via enpundit.com]

All you really need to create a reading corner is your favorite chair, own style of pillows, side tables, and footrest. I love the clean modern look here, but there is still a bit of boho chic thrown in with the rugs and Moroccan style pouf. [image via PopSugar]

In a part of the room where the roof slopes and it is hard to place most furniture, a reading nook is just beckoning to be created. This one has used vintage glass doors to help define the space. LOVE it! [image via tumblr]

Remove the doors from a closet or pantry and you have the perfect space to create a cozy reading nook. [image via www.ourfinehouse.com]

Ahh, now this one really is the stuff of dreams, isn’t it? A little outdoor oasis. In vision there is a slight breeze and no bugs… hey this is called Wishful Wednesdays. [photo via BHG]

Giant window, tall bright bookcases, wood floors. This fulfills all my wishes. Just need to add fairy lights somewhere. [photo via dream-housee.tumblr.com]

What do you guys think? Which reading nook is your favorite from the list above? If you want to see more inspiration for these dreamy little quiet spaces then head on over to Pinterest and check out my reading nooks board.
xo – Naomi

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