This month POPSUGAR sent me their Must Have box to try. Considering that most subscription boxes I’ve tried in the past are filled with just beauty products this one was a completely different experience. The Must Have box is a fun mix of things including fashion, skincare, snacks, games, beauty, etc. Once in a while they’ll include a book. You can see their past boxes here. They always curate their selection to the season and it’s like getting a box of fun presents! The June box is valued at over $100 and costs just $39.95.

Popsugar Must Have summer June box - unboxing 1 Popsugar Must Have summer June box - unboxing 2

Inside my June box was:

  • Hat Attack neutral diamonds printed sarong
  • Sisters of Los Angeles “Cheers” gold bottle opener
  • Wild and Wolf Ridley’s Games Room “Who Am I?” Quiz
  • NCLA ‘Born on the 4th’ nail lacquer
  • Knock Knock Are You Ready (For Your Close-Up?) Compact
  • Pacifica underarm deodorant wipes
  • Pressels Sriracha

Popsugar Must Have summer June box - unboxing 3

The bottle opener and Pressels I gave right to my husband. Sriracha just isn’t my thing, and I don’t drink beer or other drinks that might need a bottle opener. I prefer wine. Besides those two items though, this was a great box for me! The beautiful and lightweight sarong (100% cotton) is enormous and can be used in so many different ways – skirt, top, shawl, scarf etc.

Popsugar Must Have summer June box - unboxing 4

I was most excited for the Pacifica Underarm Deodorant Wipes because I already use and love these. I hadn’t tried them in this scent though, just the coconut. The coconut and kale version is a little bit lighter than the other and has a beautiful fresh fruit/coconut type scent. These are awesome to have around in the summer! They’re great to use on super hot days when you need to refresh in the afternoon, or after a workout etc.

Popsugar Must Have summer June box - unboxing 5

My next favorite thing was the game! How fun. I don’t ever purchase games but I do love them. This one contains a deck of cards each with a name at the top and five hints as to who the person is. Example:

I was born in 1964.
I am a singer, actress and model.
I briefly sang with Faith No More.
I was in a relationship with Kurt Cobain.
I formed the band Hole in 1989.

…. can you guess? ….

Yep, its Courtney Love.

You can play one on one or in teams. If you guess right after only one hint you get 5 points, after two hints, 4 points etc. My husband and I tried it the other night and we are absolutely horrible at it. But it was really fun!


A bright mirror was also in this box – perfect to throw in your purse or beach bag. And a fun polish for Independence Day. I’m not typically a huge fan of the chunky glitter polishes – they can be a bitch to remove – but when you want red white and blue fireworks for your nails it is very festive! NCLA polishes are cruelty-free and five-free. This one would really pop over a coat of true white polish.

IMG_4716This box was definitely giving off summer vibes and for a moment had me feeling like I was a kid again on summer break.

* #ad POPSUGAR sent me this Must Have Box to try but I was not paid for this post and all opinions are my own.

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