Hello everyone! How has your week been? I hope you’ve had a good one and are getting ready for a great weekend. I’m going to a renaissance fair this weekend! I’ve always wanted to go to one so I’m super excited – even got a dress to wear. It’s purple, of course. Trying to convince my husband to dress up with me! I’ll probably post photos to my Instagram @aVioletLife. Today I’ve rounded up some empties to share with you. Things I’ve finished up recently and wanted to write a bit about before I recycle the containers.

skincare empties no. 6

1) Jurlique Purely Bright Cleanser – Unfortunately they don’t make this anymore. I got this like 3 years ago… yep. I used most of then and then found it again earlier this year and kept it in the shower to finish it up. I debated whether or not to include it here but I really loved it and mention it might be worth checking out some of their other cleansers.

2) Red Flower rose camellia plum soft-water mist – LOVED. I added a little water to this when it was almost out just so I could keep using it for another two weeks! It smells soft, floral and refreshing (not too sweet) and makes my skin feel soft and hydrated, adding extra moisture before I use a face oil or moisturizing cream.

3) Graydon Skincare aloe milk cleanser 3-in-1 – I just reviewed this not too long ago. You can check that out here.

4) OFRA drying lotion – The label has completely rubbed off but this was a great product to have around for clearing breakouts and especially spot treatments. If you have a blemish this stuff will seriously help it to go away fast. If I was having an area that was giving me trouble I’d also use it to help prevent an angry breakout. I never used it over my entire face, it really is more of a spot treatment before bed. It does have a tint as you can see from the stuff that dried to the sides.

5) Spa Technologies Age Defense For Luminous Eyes – This has been one of my favorite eye creams. It really helped to brighten under eyes and reduce puffing and dark circles fast. I mentioned it in my 2015 favorites here.

6) 100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream *affiliate link – And this is the other truly amazing eye cream I have tried (and I’ve tried lots). This one smells amazing (the cocoa butter I think) and also works fast to actually make your under eye area visibly less puffy and less dark. I’d highly recommend it. Plus, super pure ingredients.

7) This was a sample of Routine. A natural deodorant with vegan clay and light lavender/patchouli/vanilla scent. I got it in the April Vegan Cuts Beauty Box. I have to say, this stuff really worked well. Right up there with the Meow Meow Tweet natural deodorant. I did feel a little bit of irritation after applying right after shaving though, but as long as I didn’t apply right after shaving it worked great.

8) Root Science pure balance daily facial moisturizer – This little bottle is from before they re-branded. I think their new version of this is their Balancing Serum. This and the one I tried contains cold-pressed and unrefined extracted oils. The one I tried had just five ingredients and my skin loved it. The new blend seems to have even more great stuff in it and looks amazing! I’ve really come to love using face oils (it actually really helps to balance combination skin).

What have you finished up recently?

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