I have been looking, waiting, hoping for the perfect purple lipstick for years. When I saw that Bite Beauty was releasing a handful of new shades in their Amuse Bouche formula (my favorite formula of theirs – see previous swatches here), I did a happy dance – because purple! Taro is THE shade I’ve been waiting for and Lavender Jam, Spritzer, and Thistle also speak to my soul. Then there is Kale, which is just so unusual the artist in me can’t help but be drawn to it.

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Sweet and Savory

The idea behind their “sweet and savory” concept in creating these shades (and also a few others in this collection I haven’t tried like squid ink and whiskey), was “inspired by contrasting flavors like floral Lavender Jam and hearty fresh Kale. We created this distinctly unique, visually oppositional collection based on the instinct to choose either a sweet or savory flavor profile.” – from their press release.

Top to Bottom: Thistle, Taro, Lavender Jam, Spritzer, Kale

Spriter, Lavender Jam, Taro
My favorites… Spritzer, Lavender Jam, Taro

These are highly pigmented, creamy, really long lasting, and surprisingly easy to apply. Though using a lip brush would have resulted in an even more precise and dramatic look.

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouch sweet and savory lip swatches

Wearing TaroHere’s a quick selfie wearing Taro… though the light is slightly different here so it looks a little darker and slightly more blue than it really is. I am just so obsessed with this shade! It can easily wash your face out though so I find wearing a touch of berry blush with it helps even things out. I’m also wearing a bit of gold shadow here (Julep eyeshadow 101 creme to powder stick in warm gold shimmer).

I would describe it as an ‘amethyst’ tone purple, though even that is loosely describing it seeing as amethyst crystals come in varying intensities of purple. It isn’t too cold, too blue, or too pink, it has just the right balance, at least for my liking. A touch of mauve, very slight hint of berry… but amethyst. Lavender Jam is also a super cool shade! It is definitely more of a cool tone purple and much brighter. A true violet shade! So excited to have this in my collection and play around with it. Now that I think of it, it would probably look pretty cool layered in the middle of Taro for a faded purple ombre look.

Taro with Amethyst
Taro next to an amethyst crystal. They’re already close friends.

Spritzer is an amazing shade I’ll wear all the time, a rosy lavender. I seem to attract this color in to my life an awful lot too and have several shirts and nail polishes of similar hue…

Thistle is a beautiful neutral but has a little something different about it. It has elements of taupe, gray, and warm mauve, which together create an intriguing blend that isn’t really a brown, or purple.

Kale looks almost black in the bullet, but in one swipe comes off as a rich forest green, and in two or three swipes turns a deep evergreen. It has a bit more blue in it than actual kale… at least compared to the variety I used in the shot below.

Bite Beauty Kale

IMG_4096I could actually see this being worn with a classy black dress, or something purple or yellow. Those are the shades I see it with, but wear it with whatever you want! The point is to have fun with it and just express yourself. I appreciate Kale as an artistic medium but probably won’t wear this one out to be honest (I don’t feel I have the wardrobe to support such a demanding shade), but I will definitely be rocking those purples! I will say that it is a good idea to have Bite Beauty’s lush lip wipes on hand for removing a shade like Kale. It comes right off nice and clean with those, otherwise it can be a mess and you can damage your lips with too much scrubbing. Below is another image of Kale, this time applied in a lighter layer with a lip brush – still very pigmented! This is a color that just wants to be dark.

Kale green lipstick Bite Beauty

lavender jam swatch - bite lush lip wipes

I would love to know what you think of these shades, if you’ve tried any, or which you’re intrigued by. I feel like my “thirst” for purple lipstick has finally been quenched… at least for a long while! Hope you’re all having a great weekend. xo – Naomi

*DisclaimerThis post includes pr samples. I did not receive compensation for this post and all opinions are always my own.

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