Recently I tried out some products from Graydon Skincare. A new brand to me, this Canadian company packs their luxury products with nourishing, pure plant based ingredients. I tried out their Aloe Milk Cleanser, Superfood Mask + Scrub, and the Green Cream chlorophyll face complex. Right away I loved their clean and simple packaging and brand design.

I was so intrigued by their superfood mask + scrub… the little capsules of perfectly measured ingredients that you mix with the cleanser is such creative packaging! Isn’t this such a cool concept? I found it to be quite fun to use.

Gradon Skincare cleanser and scrub review 1

These capsules are not to eat, they contain a pre-portioned dose of superfoods to nourish and exfoliate your face. Just remember to twist the capsule apart before you wet your hands otherwise they’re impossible to get apart! These contain a blend of vitamin D2, papaya, matcha green tea, white willow bark, shiitake mushroom, activated charcoal, vitamin C, red algae, chia seed, licorice root, probiotic blend, hyaluronic acid, green coffee, aloe + coconut water, zinc, cinnamon, xylitol, sodium bicarbonate (gentle exfoliant), and zeolite (absorbs toxins).

Gradon Skincare cleanser and scrub review 2

So far I’ve only tried mixing this with a pump or two of the aloe milk cleanser, but you can also mix it with things like avocado, yogurt, honey etc. for different effects.

Gradon Skincare cleanser and scrub review 3

The ingredients in these capsules smells so good, like sugar cookies, or cinnamon sugar maybe… After distributing a thin layer over my face, I let sit for five to ten minutes and then rinse off with warm water gently scrubbing to exfoliate in the process. It leaves my skin feeling super clean, soft, and fresh.

Gradon Skincare cleanser and scrub review 4

The Aloe Milk Cleanser 3-in-1 used on it’s own is a very gentle cream cleanser. I found it can feel almost too gentle, which is why it works best when you wipe off with a warm cloth or facial sponge after massaging into skin. It did a surprisingly great job of breaking up eye makeup! It is a great daily cleanser, but I definitely recommend using it with the superfood scrub at least a few times a week as it doesn’t really exfoliate.

The Green Cream is a lovely moisturizer that smells like freshly picked herbs. It is spiked with parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme (are you singing the Simon and Garfunkel song your head?). Certainly a unisex scent. They describe it as “a fresh salad for your skin.” My skin loves it! It contains Sulforaphane (found in the broccoli seed oil) which is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory to help fight free radical damage.

Like all their products it is free of mineral oils, parabens, and phthalates. I should also mention that these bottles have a great design, the kind that have a platform that rises under the product, pushing it up as you use it so that you really get to use every drop.

Graydon Skincare Germs Away Mist

I also tried their germs away mist. I haven’t used this nearly as much as the skincare products, but it is definitely worth a mention! I love having it around to use occasionally on the yoga mat, in the bathroom, or in my husband’s car which is constantly filled with dirty outdoor gear. It really does freshen up a space and you can also use it on your hands. It contains potent (but non toxic) germ exterminators. And no artificial fragrance! yes!

I’m super impressed with Graydon Skincare so far and would definitely recommend checking them out! Have you tried any of their stuff? I’d love to hear about it. xo – Naomi

*DisclaimerThis post includes pr samples. I did not receive compensation for this post and all opinions are always my own.

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