You know when you find a book or blog or film that just really fits your soul, and you think yes, this is me. When I hold the book Botanical Style, Inspirational decorating with nature, plants and florals by Selina Lake in my hands, that is how I feel. This book is soul food for me and is so inspiring!

Botanical Style book review - home decor

It has a beautiful 2/3 cover wrap that sets the mood for all the gorgeous botanical beauty within, and the hardcover beneath is just as pretty with a green and white leafy print. The book is structured into 6 sections after the introduction. A chapter on botanical inspirations in general, drawing from nature, and the authors 10 favorite garden plants. favorite houseplants and how to live with them etc. Then are five chapters showcasing five main styles of “botanical style” – vintage, boho, industrial, tropical, and natural. I love them ALL. But probably vintage, industrial, and natural the best.

Each page, is styled so beautifully, a little world all it’s own that you can linger in and soak in the details. The photography, by Rachel Whiting is perfect and transports me right into the rooms she captures.


I love botanical prints SO much… anyone else feel the urge to cover a whole wall, or more than one wall in their house with them?


Selina Lake does a great job of providing useful style tips and suggestions throughout this book in addition to the stunning imagery. There are also lots of little DIY’s scattered throughout – how to make a hanging light-bulb vase, your own concrete pots, silk scarf cushion cover, printed tea towel etc.

Botanical Style book review

Violette & Iris botanical perfumeryThis is the little wall next to where I make botanical perfumes in my studio. I’m not finished decorating it yet, but you can see I’ve put up a few botanical prints that speak to me, most pinned up with gold washi tape, and one real print custom framed and matted by my mother when she ran a frame shop. The print is circa 1873. I also have my little apothecary cabinet which I’ve had for many years and some perfume lockets I’m working on.

I love that there are endless possibilities to decorate with natural materials and botanical beauties throughout the seasons. I find this type of style really inspires me. If this type of style resonates with you, I highly suggest getting your hands on a copy of this book! I will reference it often, and treasure it forever. xo -Naomi

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