Time for some spring cleaning! I keep a basket in my closet that I throw empties into, and this time they’d been accumulating for like 6 months. I had to just recycle half of them that I couldn’t even remember if I liked or not. These ones however are either more recent or left a very lasting impression and are worth mentioning today.

Empties No. 5 Sweet Violet Beauty 1

1) Andalou Naturals Shower Gel in Lavender & Thyme and 1000 Roses: I’ve written about this before I think but I finished up both a lavender and a rose body wash and this is by far my favorite body wash I’ve tried in the last several years. I love both scents but am so in love with the 1000 Roses that I’ve already replaced that one. This stuff is seriously the best!

2) BITE Beauty Superfruit Butter: I’m pretty sure they don’t even make this anymore. I got this lip butter a long time ago, like 2.5 years ago maybe? Used half of it, and then forgot about it in a drawer for more than a year. I found it in February and since I wasn’t sure how fresh it was anymore I used up the rest of it on my heels. Yes, that’s right! It kept my feet nice and moisturized through the cold winter months!

3) Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence: I think I included this in a favorites once, but I’ve been saving the beautiful green bottle to include in an empties. I also finished a travel size of the same (which I’m tempted to keep so I can refill it for travel). I don’t really want to get rid of the larger bottle either. It’s so pretty – perhaps I can make it into a vase? This refreshing hydrosol was something I grew to love more and more as I used it. My skin loved it. The scent at first smells a little like bug spray, but then I grew to really like it. I’d definitely recommend it.

4) Meow Meow Tweet Baking Soda Free Deodorant Cream: This has been my favorite natural deodorant I’ve tried so far. Even though it isn’t as convenient as a stick of deodorant, I liked how it smelled (light citrus) and though it wasn’t going to keep the sweat at bay when working out, it was great for day to day and just working in my studio. I applied it with a small spatula type thing (I don’t like getting deodorant on my hands). I’m impressed with this small-batch vegan skincare company so far. This was just a sample size, but I would buy the full size when I’m finished with the other stick deodorants I’m currently trying to finish.

5) Nature’s Way Chamomile Flowers – Herbal Supplement: I don’t typically include supplements in these empties, but this is the second bottle of these I’ve finished and I’m onto a third so I figured I’d mention them. Chamomile has a relaxing effect on the digestive tract and as someone who has suffered from IBS for most of my life (and on the side of the spectrum that tends toward frequent loose stools – sorry, tmi?) these have definitely helped (along with other things) in relaxing and slowing things down. Please consult with your naturopath or doctor before adding to your diet if interested.

6) Hand in Hand White Tea Sugar Scrub: Finished this jar in December I think it was. This is my favorite sugar scrub ever. Hands down. I wrote about it here.

7) Acure Sensitive Facial Cleanser: This is the second one of these I finished. I think I finished it in December or January, can’t even remember now. I’ve been testing out many other cleansers since then as it is my job to do, but I keep thinking about this one and how much my skin loved it. I think I’m going to order it again soon so I can get my skin back on track – it’s been cranky with trying out too many things lately and I think is craving something it knows works.

Empties No. 5 Sweet Violet Beauty_

*DisclaimerThis post includes pr samples. I did not receive compensation for this post and all opinions are always my own.

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