SAVOR is out today from Artisan Books! They kindly sent me a copy to review and so today I’m sharing my thoughts with you. I want to begin posting more about healthy living and beauty from the inside out, so figured this was a great way to start! This hardcover book is first of all beautifully put together and well made. It feels like something very special when you hold the heaviness of it in your hands, run your fingers over the embossed title, and open to the breathtaking photography within. It is just as fitting for your coffee table as it is for your kitchen.

Book Review - SAVOR from Artisan Books by Ilona Oppenheim

SAVOR will make a wonderful gift for a recently engaged couple, newlyweds, or new home owners who love the outdoors and enjoy simple farm to table recipes – or in this case forest, field, and farm to table recipes! It is organized in five sections: Around the Pasture, From the Earth, Into the Wild, By the Fire, and Through the Mill. My personal favorite section was From the Earth with simple instructions on how to make root vegetable chips, twenty-four hour onion soup, zucchini and sun-dried tomato tarts, pear crisp, peach marmalade, plum cobbler, and more.

Book Review - Savor from Artisan Books by Ilona Oppenheim 1 Book Review - SAVOR from Artisan Books by Ilona Oppenheim 2

From the Earth was probably my favorite section seeing as I am Vegetarian though. This book is not specifically vegetarian, and if you are vegan it probably isn’t for you. Even though I don’t eat meat, I still found more than a dozen recipes in this cook book that I am really excited to try. I would have found even more if I had not recently found I am also allergic to eggs among other things. My husband is not vegetarian and so it is a great book for us to share. My husband can have his trout jerky and I can have my wild berry chocolate bars.

Book Review - SAVOR from Artisan Books by Ilona Oppenheim 3 Book Review - SAVOR from Artisan Books by Ilona Oppenheim 4

One of the main attributes of this book is that the recipes are easy to follow and you don’t need a million rare ingredients in order to make them. I really appreciate this as I don’t have all day to cook but love fresh, simple food. The simpler the better when you have several allergies.

“Because I grew up among farms, I’ve always been troubled by the disconnect between mass-produced food and the true sources of our daily nutrition,” says author Ilona Oppenheim. She encourages readers to buy local and fresh ingredients through CSA’s, farms, and when possible grow your own. Through her recipes and photos of the beautiful rocky mountain region where she lives, she inspires a deeper connection with nature through what and how we eat.  I’d definitely recommend picking up a copy of SAVOR!

Book Review - SAVOR from Artisan Books by Ilona Oppenheim 5

* I received a free copy of this book, but this post is not sponsored. All opinions are always my own.

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