Yesterday I swatched and reviewed the new Lip Caramels by 100% Pure, and today I am sharing photos and thoughts on their new Gemmed Lip Glosses. These immediately made me smile when I opened them. They remind me of these little mini glittery lip glosses made by LipSmackers from like… 15 years ago. Anyone remember these? They came in  really tiny (1.5 inch tubes that were so cute I couldn’t throw them away. I think I still have them stashed somewhere in a box of my old things at my parents house. Anyway, the Gemmed Lip Glosses are very similar (even smell fruity) except for one major difference – they’re made with all natural ingredients!

100 percent pure gemmed lip gloss swatches and review

Even the sparkles in these comes from beautiful gemstones, hence their name. That’s right, no plastic glitter. They’re made with natural mineral stones and mica. I’ll have moonstones, labradorite, opals, and sunstones on my lips thank you very much!

These are very sheer, glossy, and understated. They’re great if you want a little something special but don’t want an in your face color. The formula is a bit tacky, however, the shine and moisture lasts a long time on your lips because of it. Not extremely tacky, but your hair will would probably get stuck in this formula if you were to wear your hair down on a windy evening, but otherwise these are really very pretty.

I tried four of the 8 shades these are currently in:

Rainbow Aura – sheer tint of coppery rose with golden glitter
Peacock Ore – sheer tint of warm pink with pink and silvery glitter
Crystal – sheer pink (almost clear) with rainbow glitter
Rose Quartz – sheer raspberry pink with rainbow glitter

100 percent pure gemmed lip gloss swatches

It was very difficult to capture these on camera, they just wanted to disappear, but in person they are so crystal-y and shiny and speckled with gorgeous bits of natural glitter.

100 percent pure gemmed lip gloss swatches on lips

In the close-up below you can see a bit more detail of the glitter. Had to get this one with a different camera. There isn’t too much glitter and so really a wide range of ages could wear this.

gemmed lip gloss close up of crystal

These are vegan and of course cruelty free. They contain extracts of many kinds of fruits including Bilberry, Pomegranate, Red Wine, Cranberry, Blackberry, Peach, and more. I feel like these are so special being made with the semi-precious gemstones and they allow me to indulge the little girl in me that will always love sparkly things without sacrificing my love of all-natural ingredients.

100 percent pure gemmed lip gloss review

Check back soon as I’ll be doing a giveaway involving 100% Pure very soon! xo – Naomi

*DisclaimerThis post includes pr samples. I did not receive compensation for this post and all opinions are always my own.

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