The other day Sally Biondo reached out to me via Instagram (I love the positive beauty community of the IG world!) and I instantly fell in love with her work and fabulous style. Sally Biondo is an award winning Celebrity Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist and Eco Beauty Expert. Her work has been featured in major glossies and she has worked with top photographers around the world. She also leads the Natural Beauty Team, a group of natural wedding beauty gurus. Amazing! I love that there are eco-makeup artists out there who will create a gorgeous look for your special event with 100% natural, nontoxic, and cruelty-free makeup. Read on to learn what some of her favorite eco beauty products are, what color we should all be embracing, and more!

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What is your beauty philosophy and how does it translate to your work?
Feel confident and let beauty empower you. Always make a conscious decision about the products you choose.

Have you always been an “eco” makeup artist? When and why did you decide you were going to use only nontoxic beauty products?
It took me years and a ton of research before becoming an eco makeup artist. I switched over to natural products in 2007. As soon as I found out what was in mainstream cosmetics, I started my quest toward building my non-toxic beauty kit.

What are a few of your favorite natural beauty brands?
I love RMS Beauty, Honeybee Gardens and Hynt Beauty.

How do you source inspiration for editorial looks?
An idea usually comes to me and then I find images based around that idea, it builds from there. I love using Pinterest boards to save and share my ideas!

Is there a color you wish people would embrace more?
Red. Everyone should embrace the red lip. It’s such a classic and finding your perfect shade can completely change the way you put on makeup.

What do you suggest should be the first item one should replace when just starting to switch over to using all natural cosmetics?
Foundation. The skin absorbs 60 percent of any substance we apply to it, these chemicals penetrate the skin and are absorbed into the bloodstream.

What are five products you could not live without in your own makeup kit?
RMS Beauty living luminizer, Honeybee Gardens pressed powders, Kaia Naturals cleansing cloths, Maison Lambert argan butter, Hynt Beauty concealer and mascara.

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What is your most requested look when working with brides?
Natural makeup with accentuated eyes. Flawless skin with bold eyes is a beautiful and popular combination. Brides are loving whimsical, loose hair styles. Pulled out braids and flower crowns are also highly requested.

How do you suggest brides prep their skin in the weeks leading up to their big day?
Stay hydrated and hands off. Wash your face overnight or use a cleansing cloth, and clean your pillow case often.

What items do you recommend brides have on hand for touch-ups on their big day? Blotting Paper, Bobby Pins and Lipstick.

*all photos courtesy of Sally Biondo

I know this was a bit different from my typical posts. I hope you enjoyed this little interview and if you’d like to see more posts like this let me know! You can see more of Sally’s work here. xo – Naomi

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