Looking through my nail polish shelves the other day I noticed I had quite a few purple shades accumulating and thought I’d round them up and see what they looked like all together. In case any of you out there are just as purple obsessed as I am, I hope you enjoy!

purple polish roundup

You’ll notice right away most of them are Julep polishes…because, well, Julep is awesome. They’re vegan, 5-free, and I love how they look all lined up on my shelf! They’ve come out with some gorgeous purples over the past year or two and I always get excited when I add another to my collection – even if it isn’t that different from one I already own. #allthepurples

Purple Nail Polish Collection - julep

If it is currently available, I will link to the product page in the names below:
*yes, these are affiliate links and if you make a purchase after clicking on them I’ll make a small percentage of the sale. Fueling my polish addiction! #noshame

I also have a few other purple polishes from various brands.
From left to right: Priti NYC in Belle Courtisane, Cote in No. 84, Cote in No. 85, Priti NYC in Empress Tree, and Deborah Lippmann in Love in the Dunes. You can see swatches and a review of the Cote polishes here.

Other purple polish in my collection

If you’re also obsessed with purple let me know in the comments below! And if you have a purple polish (that is at least 5-free) that you think I should have on my radar then let me know. xo – Naomi

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