I have a little obsession with facial mists, hydrosols, hydration sprays…whatever you want to call them. I love them because they help hold in moisture between the steps of cleansing and moisturizing, they’re great for setting makeup, for a pick-me-up in the middle of a dry day, and a refreshing spritz on a hot afternoon. They just seem to make my skin happier in general. I pretty much always have several open at once and choose based on my mood. I keep some near my makeup, some by the sink, some by the bed, some in the fridge…you get the idea. They’ve become such a big part of my daily routine, and I’ve tested out quite a few over the past two years. These are some of my favorites.

Favorite Facial mists and hydrosols

Note: I did not include ones labeled “tonic” here…I feel like that might be a whole other post.

1) Evanhealy Rose Geranium Facial Tonic HydroSoul: Evanhealy tops the list for my favorite mist-making brand. They make more than a dozen different artisan-quality facial tonics. The mist comes out fine and well distributed, feels fresh, pure, and simply heavenly. The Rose Geranium once is for combination skin and has a rosey-leaf fragrance. I just ran out of this and don’t want to live without it! USDA Organic.

2) jane iredale Balance Hydration Spray: If you love citrus scents then this one is for you. I love using this one to set mineral makeup and also wetting brushes when I want to turn powder eye shadows into liner.

3) Eminence Organic Skin Care Red Currant Mattifying Mist: This one is so addictive and a favorite for when I need to refresh my skin in summer but don’t want to look extra dewy. It is soothing, full of antioxidants and smells so good. Feels like I’m having a tall glass of fresh juice! Will definitely be buying again.

4) Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist (Deluxe Edition): If you’re obsessed with all things roses then you’ll love this one. Very hydrating and super fine but intense mist nozzle. I also love their Purely Bright Mist which smells like violets!

5) Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist: I love this one because it contains camellia, silk extract, green tea extract, and red algae extract, but though the mist is super fine, it doesn’t have a wide spray radius if that makes sense (could just be my bottle). The bottle is gorgeous though. *Note: this one does contain Phenoxyethanol as a preservative, but if that doesn’t bother you this is a beautiful product.

6) Evanhealy Rose Petal Facial Tonic HydroSoul: As mentioned above, I’m in love with this brand. These contain No alcohol. No preservatives. No artificial fragrances. And this one is the definition of a pure mist: Only 100% steam distilled Bulgarian Rose Petal Floral Hydrosol (Rosa damascena floral hydrolate). USDA Organic.

7) Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist: If you love Ylang Ylang then this one is for you. Such a beautiful floral organic mist for gentle hydration. This is one I love to put in the fridge in summer…feels so good on a hot afternoon! Made with USDA organic ylang ylang oure essential oil.

8) Fig + Yarrow Complexion Water: I’ve mentioned this one before. If you like Neroli this one is great. I think I should have kept this one in the fridge though because it is now a year old and though it still smells the same at first, once it settles and dries it almost smells sickly sweet. There is not expiration on the bottle, but perhaps chilling it would have helped?

9) 100% Pure Oranic Rose Hydrosol: This is very similar to the Evanhealy Rose Petal one. 100% Organic Rosa Centifolia Flower Water (Organic Rose Hydrosol)* * Certified Organic. But hey, one can never have too many rose mists! This one does smell a tiny bit spicier if that makes sense though.

I also really want to try the Evanhealy Lavender Facial Tonic HydroSoul, and their Rose & Jasmine one which sounds like it can be used as a light perfume also…that excites me! I’d love to know what mists you’ve used and which ones you love, too! Let me know in the comments below : ) xo – Naomi

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