One of my favorite perfumes of all time has become Red Flower’s Organic Perfume in Champa and Guaiac (I might also like their third scent, Ambrette, but haven’t tried that one yet). I like lots of perfumes…but I LOVE these…so much that I’m saving up my money to purchase the full size version after having tried the sample size. I’m carefully rationing my samples right now – enjoying each drop wholly and lovingly. These perfumes are synthetic-free and composed of pure flower distillations, dark-tree resins, fresh herbs, and fruit extracts. They’re made from essential oils and certified organic plants.

Red Flower Perfume Review _ Champa and Guaiac

15-ml-champa-concentrate-perfume-red-flower (1)Champa
Also known as plumeria, these flowers are called Champa in India, and are considered the flowers of golden light in bloom, a godly expression of nature. This perfume contains champa flowers, mimosa, jasmine grandiflorum, osmanthus, rose geranium, ylang ylang, palmarossa, and clove bud. It might be my most favorite floral perfume of all-time. Wow – that is a big statement, but I mean it. It is romantic, sensual, smooth, not overpowering (doesn’t give me a headache), and makes me feel like I’m walking through the most beautiful garden on earth. It is relaxing, but not to the point of wanting to go to sleep. It says on their site that aromatherapy-wise it can help treat vertigo and headaches, which I get a lot of so that’s an added benefit. A 10ml oil roll-on is $48 but they’ve been sold out for a while. As soon as they come back in stock I’m getting one! They also offer a 15ml organic perfume concentrate in a beautiful crystal-cut glass vintage bottle and stopper made in France for $186. You see why I’m treasuring my sample vial now.

I love this scent too and would also list this in my top favorite perfumes of all time, though it is completely different than Champa. According to their site, Guaiac is known as the tree of life and has an essence that has been well known in South America for many years and the tree’s resin is known to be a natural source of healing power.  This perfume blend contains guaiac wood, elemi wood, cabrueva wood, pink grapefruit, and rose absolute. It is really light, delicate, and I definitely smell the dry/citrus grapefruit as one of the more powerful notes and love wearing this in the mornings for that reason. Aromatherapy-wise it is thought to reduce stress and tension (always a welcome attribute!) and promote restful sleep. It is available in the same sizes listed for Champa, and again…waiting for the $48 one to come back in stock.

I am totally taken by their petal-topped candles. I tried the Indian Jasmine candle. It comes in a pretty glass that is topped with a cotton wick and actual dried jasmine flowers, which can be emptied into a small dish to scent a room (or, I put mine in a sachet and put it in my jewelry box). The rich scent is just absolutely heavenly even before you remove the flowers and light it.

Red Flower Indian Jasmine Candle

It is made with food grade dye, jasmine sambac oil, neroli, orange blossom concentrate, tangerine oil, and vegetable-based candle wax. It is one of the most romantic candles I own and also stress-relieving, a natural antidepressant. This version is $38, but you can also buy it in a little travel size for $14.

Red Flower Indian Jasmine Candle 2

French Lavender candleI also tried a little flower candle (1.5 oz.) in French Lavender. These come in the cutest little glass ever! Also comes with a little book of matches so you are truly ready to take it on the road if you wish. Red Flower candles do have a nice clean, slow burn which is really nice. This one smells not of a one-note lavender but more of a clean “fresh linen” and lavender scent. It contains peperina, orange peel, rosemary, and lavender. It’s small but really will envelope the whole room in scent.Though calm and beautiful, I was hoping for a bit more floral so I think my next one to try will be Moroccan Rose or Japanese Peony! Don’t those sound divine.

Overall – a truly amazing brand and some of the best (natural) scents I’ve experienced in years. I hope they never stop making these perfumes! xo – Naomi

*DisclaimerThis post includes free samples but I do not receive compensation for these posts and I would not be reviewing and recommending these products if I didn't absolutely love them. All opinions are always my own.

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