The scent of a sweet violet is not like that of a rose or peony, or any other flower that can be smelled across a room. The scent of violets is like a secret and only those who get up close and personal with one of these little purple beauties will come to know it in person. It is a faint, barely there scent that is sweet and delicate, like what I’d imagine to be the scent trail of a faerie. I’ve tried many violet perfumes, but they were never natural or chemical-free, they were not like ‘Blue Violet’ by VERED Organic Botanicals.

Blue Violet Perfume I received a 2ml sample from this lovely organic skin and body care line and tried it over several weeks (not every day but here and there) before I officially declared myself in love. I loved it on the first try, but I always like to make sure because sometimes when trying new perfumes I have a great first experience, and then somehow love it less and less on subsequent uses. Not so with this one. I love it still, so much that I’ve included it in Issue 3 of Sweet Violet Bride (to be released shortly).

Blue Violet Perfume by Vered Organic Botanicals

Blue violet is described by VERED has having “a rare green earthly floral overtone, soothing and balancing the mind. Combined with a dry floral aphrodisiac Jasmine Sambac and the fresh citrus aroma of the Japanese Yuzu.” I’d say that is quite accurate though I smell more of the sweet dry floral than the green earthiness. I find myself sniffing my wrist often when wearing it but I only need a small dab on the wrist and it is just enough for me to enjoy the hint of it here and there and it lasts for several hours.

I also tried a sample size of their Signature Scent, which is has more notes than Blue Violet. It begins with a sensual base of vanilla, rose absolute, jasmine, orange blossom and is blended with hints of patchouli and geranium bourbon. I find it to be very elegant but even more sweet smelling than Blue Violet. Almost too sweet for me, though it is a rich and heady compilation of scent that many would love.

These perfumes are made with 100% organic therapeutic essential oils, are 100% chemical and preservative free, vegan & cruelty-free, and hand-crafted in NYC. The ingredients are simple: A proprietary blend of ethically sourced organic and wild-crafted essential oils. You can purchase 2ml samples for $10-12 or full size bottles for $89-118.

More natural perfume reviews coming soon! xo – Naomi

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