I’m always on the lookout for a good nude palette and I am loving this one from The Balm! This is technically called the Nude ‘tude Nude Eyeshadow Palette and this comes in a “nice” and a “naughty” version. Both versions come with the same colors but the backgrounds of the actual palette case are different. I got the “Naughty” palette which features six vintage style pin-up ladies, their naughty bits covered up by the shadow colors. It’s pretty fun to use, the colors are great, and I was stoked to get this because they are talc-free and paraben-free.

theBalm Nude Eyeshadow Palette Review

The case includes a really nice size mirror which makes this a great palette to travel with because you could set this up on a windowsill anywhere and do all your makeup.

theBalm Nude Eyeshadow Palette Review 2

It does come with a two sided brush but I don’t use it often. Although the smaller side does work well for using the darker shades as liner.

theBalm Nude Eyeshadow Palette Review 3

I mostly use the six shades on the left – these are great for everyday looks. And I especially use the four swatched below: Seductive, Sultry, Stand-Offish, and Selfish. Sassy makes a killer brow bone highlight, and sophisticated is my favorite for a smokey eye. I really haven’t used the two darkest shades, Serious and Sleek but that’s just because I typically don’t wear black eyeshadow. But I like knowing they’re there. For $36, you get a lot of beautiful, usable shades in this palette and the consistency is creamy and very blendable. Super smooth, great color consistency/payoff, and they stay crease-free for quite a while too, all day with a primer.

theBalm Nude Eyeshadow Palette Review 4

Here are all the shades swatched, but they look so much better in person! It was a rainy day when I took this photo… In all there are 7 shimmery shades, 4 matte, and one glittery (silly).

The Balm Nude 'Tudes Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

Now for the Mary-Lou Manizer! I love this compact of shimmery goodness. Again, great mirror size – it fills the lid edge-to-edge. Talc and paraben free. Its pretty much one of the most gorgeous glowing golden shimmer highlights I’ve ever seen. I like using it on the tops of my cheekbones, as a brow bone highlight, and also as an eyeshadow. I think everyone should have this beauty in their makeup collection. Every time I open this I feel happy and pretty just looking at it. Oh and this retails for $24 by the way. It quickly brightens any look and is totally worth it.

The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer - luminizer swatch

What about you? Do you have a favorite nude palette and luminizer / highlighter that are talc and paraben-free? xo – Naomi

*DisclaimerThis post includes free samples but I do not receive compensation for these posts and I would not be reviewing and recommending these products if I didn't absolutely love them. All opinions are always my own.

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