One of my favorite natural beauty brands of all time is jane iredale and it is crazy that I haven’t mentioned them yet on this blog so this post is long overdue. I’ve featured their products in both issues of Sweet Violet Bride so far. Today I want to talk about jane iredale PureMoist Lipstick which I’ve swatched for you below. First of all, I should mention this brand is what I would consider a luxury brand (though on the more affordable spectrum of luxury) as these lipsticks are $25 each. But if you’re going to splurge on a new lipstick, especially for any sort of event (i.e. weddings, graduations, anniversaries) then these are totally worth it.

jane iredale PureMoist Lipstick review

With a title like PureMoist you might expect them to be really glossy but they aren’t at all. They are super pigmented (except for Liz, which as you see down below is more of a sheer), and hold in the moisture on your lips instead of drying out your lips like many other lipsticks can tend to do. They go on creamy and last a really long time but feel light yet permanent on your lips. I don’t worry constantly that I’ve got lipstick on my teeth when I’m wearing them. They also smell freaking amazing, like fresh picked berries. Plus the sleek tube is super pretty. I just love the whole experience of applying these lipsticks and it makes me feel pretty even carrying one in my purse.

jane iredale PureMoist Lipstick featured in issue 2 of Sweet Violet Bride

These lipsticks come in 24 shades, are vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free and are made with top of the line nourishing oils and superfruit extracts. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world when they sent me 6 beautiful shades to consider for the magazine, including one called Naomi! Ah! A lipstick with my name on it, literally! My favorites this month (though I love them all!) are Margi, Rose, Mary, and Liz seen below. I featured Naomi, Margi, and Mary in Issue 2 of Sweet Violet Bride. You can find them on page 26.

jane iredale lipstick swatches

Here are all of them swatched on my arm… for some reason the color seems a bit off on this photo. The ones above are more accurate.

jane iredale puremoist lipstick swatches

And I can’t talk about jane iredale lip products without mentioning one of my favorite things ever in my “lip products drawer,” the Sugar&Butter Lip Exfoliator/Plumper. This sleek gold metal case packs a powerful duo with an organic brown sugar exfoliator on one end and a tinted lip plumper on the other. Whenever I’m traveling this is one of the items I double check to make sure I have with me.

jane iredale sugar&butter review

The exfoliator is just right to smooth out and get rid of any flaky dry skin and doesn’t overly exfoliate. I use small, gentle circular motions with it to get the desired effect and then rub off with a tissue. And the plumper contains shea butter and peptides that smooth and stimulate the production of collagen. You can feel it working as your lips tingle a bit. It smells to me a little like cinnamon maybe? It has a pretty pink tint with hints of gold sheen. I apply a quick swipe of it after using the exfoliator but it is also pretty any time. At $25 I feel that this product is well worth it and even though it doesn’t appear to hold much product at each end, it is actually lasting me quite a while. I use it maybe once per week.

jane iredale sugar&butter review 2

I’ll be reviewing more of my jane iredale loves soon! xo – Naomi

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