This review has been a long time in the making and I’m splitting it into two parts because it’s that big. And justifiably so – Juice Beauty has become one of my favorite brands in the world and I’d say if I had to pick they’d be in my top three picks for natural beauty brands. I’ve been using Juice Beauty products for quite some time now (almost a year) and can honestly say I’ve given their products a thorough testing. So why do I love them so much? Well, first of all they formulate their products with a high percentage of certified organic ingredients. And they do NOT use parabens, petroleum, pesticides, propylene or butylene glycols, phthalates, sulfates, PEGs, TEA, DEA, GMO, silicones, artificial dyes or fragrances, or gluten (see a larger list of what they leave out here). Considering our skin absorbs 64% of what we put on it this is SO important.

Juice Beauty complexion review

I also love their Eco Values of manufacturing with solar power, utilizing recycled paper and soy ink, supporting USDA certified organic farmers, using recycled and recyclable containers and more. And here’s the big one – wearing their makeup visibly leaves my skin looking healthier after wearing and removing it. Magic? Just powerful, healthy ingredients.

And finally, their products work and look great. I feel like I’m writing the script for an infomercial right now, but I seriously mean everything I’m writing! Okay, so in this part 1 of the review I’m going to concentrate on the products I’ve tested that would fall into the complexion category, and then tomorrow in part 2 I’ll go over some of the makeup I’ve tried. Onward!


scr-cc-cream-applicator-2-web-photo_1Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream ($39)

I’ve been wearing this a few months now, and it quickly became my daily go-to base. It comes in either Natural Glow, or Warm Glow and I wear it in Natural Glow. It is super light and blends seamlessly. It has a really cool applicator that you can draw onto your face with and then blend in with your fingers. You wouldn’t even know this has SPF 30 in it because it isn’t the least bit greasy. It contains Juice Beauty’s antioxidant-rich juice base (what they’re well-known for) and has 12-in-1 multitasking benefits for age defying and skin perfecting. I love it because it provides sun protection, evens skin tone (most days I use this instead of foundation), creates a glowing complexion, moisturizes, and doesn’t irritate my skin but seems to make it even healthier. If you were to try just one product from Juice Beauty I would say you should try this one. I hope they never stop making this!


m-perfecting-foundation-trio-web-photoPerfecting Foundation ($35)

I am SO impressed with this foundation. Probably one of the best liquid foundations I’ve ever tried.  I’ve worn this dozens of times now (I use the Ivory shade) and it has never made my face break out (which many foundations tend to do to me). It blends beautifully in a cream to powder finish and is packed with organic ingredients like aloe juice, fruit extracts and minerals. It really does give an almost airbrushed look. Plus as you use it the mechanism inside the glass bottle pushes it up to the top so you can see how much you have left and no turning it over to try and get the last drops out.


Correcting Concealer in Ivory - Juice Beauty SwatchCorrecting Concealer ($18)

I tried this in Ivory (it also comes in Sand) and it was a little more liquidy than I was expecting but it actually works very well and a little goes a very long way. All concealers are a little different (I keep four different kinds on hand for all different types of concealing) and this one has earned its spot in my tool box. It is great for blemishes that are fading but still have a dark spot for a few weeks. And with the gentle, nourishing ingredients it even helps your skin to heal faster. It also works well to brighten dark circles under the eyes. My only gripe about this one is that when I held the tube up to the light I could see it was only half filled and there was a lot of air in one end of the tube. Perhaps they have to do that with tubed products for some reason? Either way, this will still last a really long time.


cc-swatch-refining-finishing-powder-ivoryRefining Finishing Powder ($22)

I used this lightly over both the perfecting foundation and the CC cream and it creates a nice matte finish. It comes in three shades (Ivory, Sand, Tan) and I use Ivory. Doesn’t make me break out at all and looks so natural. It is made with tapioca and rich mineral powders for that natural flawless look but it doesn’t dry out the skin like some powders can because it also as organic aloe powder to moisturize and smooth as well as organic pomegranate seed oil to soothe and feed the skin with antioxidants. All that in a powder! More than using this all over the face I use it just on targeted areas, and this is an absolute must to follow up on any blemish spot treatment. Dab a little on with the tip of your finger or a small, very soft brush) after applying concealer. It works wonders to set the concealer and make it last all day!


Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist ReviewHydrating Mist ($22)

Hands down my favorite mist right now! This is a daily essential for everyone. It tones and hydrates with a refreshing blend of rosehip, ylang ylang, hydrating organic aloe, resveratrol grapeseed oil and antioxidant-rich organic juices. It smells SO good!! I love ylang ylang so the scent alone is a reason to use it, but it also give your skin a glowing, dewy complexion and is great for summer days and dry winter days alike. I mist onto my face after doing my makeup to help set it and give it a natural glow. But is also great if you simply want to take a moment and relax any time of day (Ylang Ylang is an essential oil with sweet floral aroma and is known to relieve anxiety, stress, and mild depression. It’s also considered an aphrodisiac).


bc-oil-free-moisturizer-web-photo_1Oil-Free Moisturizer ($28)

For oily or blemish-pone skin this is a blessing though it is also great for normal skin during hot and humid weather. I’ve been using this morning and night after washing my face for about 3 weeks now and my skin hasn’t had any problems of drying out as it tends to do.  It contains a blend of certified organic grape, pomegranate, soothing aloe vera, vitamin antioxidants and nutrient-rich sea algae to restore the skin’s natural balance. It looks thick when you put a drop of it on your hand but then when you blend into your skin it doesn’t feel heavy at all and in fact makes my skin feel more firm. I only wish there was an additional ounce in the bottle for the price (I seem to be going through it pretty fast). Still this is one of my most favorite face moisturizers ever.

I hope you’ve found this useful and will return tomorrow for part 2! I’ll be reviewing some Juice Beauty makeup products with swatches!

3 Comments on Juice Beauty Review Part 1

  1. Isabelle
    May 17, 2016 at 5:17 pm (8 years ago)


    I’ve never used this brand, but I’m really interested in purchasing the makeup powder! Is Juicy Beauty truly ALL natural? I’d appreciate an honest answer please ? thanks!

    • Naomi
      May 17, 2016 at 7:22 pm (8 years ago)

      Hi Isabelle! Juice Beauty formulates their products with certified organic ingredients. You can read more about their ingredients here:
      They don’t “greenwash” they really do craft their formulas with the best, nourishing ingredients and without the bad stuff. That being said, just because something is all natural doesn’t mean it works for everyone. People can be allergic to anything for example, even natural stuff. But I like Juice Beauty very much! From what I know they are a GOOD company. And P.S. I’m not paid to promote them. You’ll always find honesty on my blog : )


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