When it comes to scents I’m quite picky – I typically prefer the ability to layer, minimal sillage (scent trail), the ability to take it with me, and also want it to be as pure as possible. Pacifica has impressed me to the point of me wanting to collect every single perfume they make. Last year they sent me three of their roll-on perfumes (French Lilac, Persian Rose, and Lotus Garden) to be considered for the perfume section of the natural beauty guide in Sweet Violet Bride (French Lilac made the cut, though it was hard to choose). I was immediately smitten by their pretty packaging, and the attractive glass tubes with gold caps are like little treasures I can slip into the side pocket of my purse. Actually I have a little makeup clutch that I always put inside my purse and there is always one of these in there too.  At only $12 per 10ml roll-on I feel these are a great steal. I love the roll-on form because you can choose to use just a tiny bit on the wrist for a more subtle and intimate experience – whereas the sprays are a bit more dramatic.

Pacifica Roll-on Perfumes review 1

They are made with natural pure grain alcohol and Pacifica’s signature perfume blends with natural and essential oils. They are free of phthalates, nitro-musks, benzene, parabens, mineral oils, GMO, propylene glycol, and artificial color. No animal testing. 100% vegan and gluten-free.

french_lliac_perfume_roll-on-smFrench Lilac: This literally smells just like lilacs. I grew up picking these at my parents’ house and would make a pretty vase of them on the kitchen table for a springtime centerpiece each year. When I use this perfume it transports me into spring, and to all the real lilac bushes that have graced me with their heavenly floral scent. Just one dab on the wrist gives a distinct lilac floral scent that has medium sillage for the first hour or two and then becomes minimal – which I love. I picked this scent for the magazine because it is ultra-feminine, reminiscent of new beginnings, and is an all-around gorgeous soliflore scent.


lotus_garden_perfume_roll-on-1Lotus Garden: I find myself using this one more and more. It is a bit mysterious and I love that it has several delicate layers of scent including green notes, a little citrus, lotus and olibanum (similar to Frankincense). I find it calming, but it also makes me feel beautiful and confident. And I know this may sound odd, but it actually smells kind of purple to me.

From Brook (Founder of Pacifica): “This fragrance was inspired by two particularly amazing lotus gardens that have really deep meaning to me; one outside of Santa Barbara, California and the other in Angkor Wat, Cambodia.  Though worlds apart, both gardens are places for contemplation, refuge and pure beauty.”


pr_roll-nsPersian Rose: I like that this one is a bit different from many of the traditional rose scents out there. It has a slightly spicy quality to it, a modern take on a classic flower. It has layers of Bulgarian Rose, Myrrh, fruit, and even a little subtle violet. It is elegant and perfect for brides. It is also aptly named for in the 9th century, Persians were the kings of perfume and the rose was their queen. The rose was considered the scent of spiritual enlightenment amongst Persian Sufi poets including Rumi.



Of course I was curious to try more and Pacifica used to have the option of purchasing samples (in their cute little solid perfume tins) so that you can see which ones you want to purchase in full size. I don’t see this option on their site anymore, but they still offer a free sample with orders over $30. There are several scents they make which are not available in roll-on form, but are in either spray or solid so you should definitely take a look at their wonderful collection. Of the ones below my favorites were Tuscan Blood Orange (which they used to have in roll-on form and I hope they bring back), Tahitian Gardenia, and Hawaiian Ruby Guava.

Pacifica Solid Perfume Samples

Hopefully I’ve introduced something new to some of you and you might find your new favorite natural perfume.  xo – Naomi


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  1. Lynn Carmichael
    April 30, 2017 at 7:46 pm (7 years ago)

    Pacifica’s California Star Jasmine, a favorite, seems to have been discontinued, at least it can’t be found here, in the Bay Area. Never wore it when I wasn’t asked, ‘What fragrance are you wearing?” Everyone loved it.
    Pacifica has come out with a couple of new fragrances, but nothing with the allure of their California Star Jasmine, which is greatly missed.


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