I truly believe that beauty comes from within. It may sound cliché, but I’ve personally experienced feeling more beautiful when I open my heart to feeling more joy. This is of course a multifaceted subject. Joy can come from so many places and affect us in so many beautiful ways. But today, I’m talking about how nature can increase joy by literally lifting your mood with flower essences. I’ve always been interested in what flowers can do, beyond treating us with some of the most beautiful visuals on earth. When Lotus Wei sent me energy mists and perfumes in Joy Juice and Infinite Love, I found so much more than a new favorite product. Flower essences are now a daily part of my life that I would not want to go without. Thank you Katie Hess! (Flower Alchemist and founder of Lotus Wei)


The one I use a handful of times each day is the Joy Juice Energy Mist. I spritz (above and around my face) when I sit down to start work in the morning, just before I step on the yoga mat, when I feel stressed or overwhelmed, and anytime I feel like enhancing my state of mind (which is often). Every time I use it, I instantly smile. It fills me with a sense of wellbeing and happiness and smells utterly gorgeous. The aroma contains blood Orange, Davana (strawberry-like), Marigold, and Rosewood. The Infinite Love Energy Mist also smells divine (rose, red mandarin, and honey) and I use this any time I want to feel a bit more romantic. It’s the perfect little perfume to tuck in your bag for your honeymoon! The perfumes, as to be expected, are a bit stronger than the energy mists and have more staying power – meant more for you and those around you vs. the energy mists which I think are more a personal experience. I typically prefer the energy mists, but then again it depends on my mood!


These are free of artificial fragrances, phthalates, and petrochemicals. Wahoo! Many of the ingredients are certified organic. And never have I seen such a beautiful ingredient list, seriously, it contains African daisy, Birdsfoot lotus, Chocolate flower, Pink spirea, Pink lotus, and red garnet gem essence! The Infinite Love contains Hong Kong orchid, Wild fireweed, Pink magnolia, Orange hawkweed, Pink lotus, and Pink Tourmaline gem essence.

I should also mention that I’ve been using the Joy Juice for several months now (will need replacing soon). I cannot wait to try several of their other energy mists in addition to the flower elixirs and balancing serums.

If you are looking to invite more joy, inner peace, love, creativity and energy into your life this year, you absolutely must try a Lotus Wei flower essence. Pick your mood here. And Lotus Wei doesn’t just send you off with your purchases; they also provide tools to help you track your transformation.


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