One of my favorite brands lately is Alima Pure. I have plenty of blush, eyeshadow and finishing powder in my makeup drawer, believe me, but after Alima Pure sent me a few of their items to try I now find myself using them a lot. I feel they work well and should be in everyone’s “natural look” makeup kit. These products don’t clog my pores (they’re non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic).

I absolutely love the packaging that Alima Pure products come in. Each of the stylish 100% recycled fiber boxes that their products come in, has a beauty tip on the outside such as “Beauty Tip no. 7: Smile. It reveals your inner beauty and makes you irresistible.” Or “Beauty Tip no. 9: Be impulsive. It adds color to your cheeks and a twinkle to your eye.” There are also a few words on the inside flap of their boxes that is revealed when opening. You might get a “Lucky You, “Whistle Dixie,” or “Wink. Wink.” It makes you feel good before you even start using the products.

Alima Pure Eyeshadows - Neutrals

Alima Pure eyeshadow swatches

I also love that many of their products have very few ingredients (many of them just one – mica). They’re virtually free of allergens and sensitizers, completely free of bismuth oxyxhloride (BOC), and are naturally anti-bacterial. For a natural, fresh faced look, a little goes a long way as they are highly pigmented.

Alima Pure Mineral Blush, Bronzer, Satin Finishing Powder _

Satin Finishing Powder (Keiko) $20
It’s hard to tell I’m wearing it in the photos, but that is kind of the point. It gives me a fresh look, evens out my skin tone and gives me a matte, but not cakey look. And as I mentioned above, doesn’t make me break out, which is a major benefit. You can wear this over their foundation (I’m not wearing any here) and they have a great foundation selector to help you figure out your shade.

Medium Matte Bronzer (Mauna Loa) $20
I’m not a huge bronzer person – but this one is very subtle (and even so I only use a tiny, tiny bit) and isn’t shiny or sparkly like some bronzers are. Just a light sweep over the hairline, cheekbones, down the nose. I don’t really tan, I burn, so this is the perfect (and much safer) way to look slightly sun-kissed, or for me at least not so much like a ghost.

Satin Matte Blush (Pink) $20
This blush blends so well and gives such a lovely natural flush. Pink is the perfect color for me and I think works well on a variety of skin tones, but there are plenty of other lovely shades they make. I awarded this best blush in the Sweet Violet Bride Natural Beauty Awards.

Pearluster Eyeshadow (Prosecco, Champagne) $12.50
Love, love, love these for brow bone highlighters. Also to brighten the inner corner of the eye and the cupid’s bow of the lips. They make you look awake and glowing without it really even looking like you’re wearing eyeshadow.

Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadow (Leone) $12.50
A soft sparkling gold. I add this last over whatever eyeshadow base I’m wearing (and really this could be added over any color for a bit of sparkle). It catches the light (though I had trouble capturing it with the camera here) and you can add a little or a lot depending on the effect you’re going for. This color is pretty neutral, but they do have a ton of colors to choose from.

I also love that you can purchase a sample of anything from Alima Pure. You can go ahead and buy a handful of samples before deciding what shades you want etc. and this is really helpful. Absolutely love this brand and will definitely be buying more of their products! – xo Naomi

Alima comes from the sufi word Al Alim, which means that divine wisdom encompasses even the smallest things. To us that means that even life’s most trivial details are rich with significance, and that it’s in the process of living life to the fullest that we are our most beautiful.

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  1. Shanel
    November 28, 2015 at 3:57 pm (8 years ago)

    Thank you for this wonderful review! It was very helpful! ^_^


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